Let Science Get You Slim – My 3 Week Diet Review

3 Week DietEveryone who’s struggled with their weight knows what it’s like. You start with a burst of motivation. You begin exercising and eating right. But a week or two later, you’re backsliding. You hate the food and the gym has lost its appeal.

Sometimes you actually stick with it and nothing happens. That’s even worse.

Another Fad?

When I saw the reports on the 3 Week Diet, I thought it was just another fad diet. Then I read a little more and discovered that the originator of this diet, Brian Flatt, is a nutritionist and personal trainer who based this program on scientific research.

The 3 Week Diet

I was still skeptical because I’m over 40 and we all “know” that it’s impossible to lose weight when you’re over 40. Luckily I got over my skepticism and decided I didn’t have anything to lose (no pun intended) by giving it a go for 21 days.

I am happy to report that I was wrong. I did lose! In just 3 weeks I lost 19 pounds and my belly is flat. Since I still have another 11 pounds to be at my ideal weight, I’ll just go back on the plan until I reach it. Yes, it works!

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What’s Different?

The 3 Week Diet is based on the science of intermittent calorie restriction. That’s a fancy way of saying “cut the calories,” but this plan goes beyond that. This is a fully integrated program. With the 3 Week Diet you get a plan that hits on every aspect of weight loss: nutrition, exercise and mindset.You won’t starve on this diet. And you won’t have to shop for exotic or expensive foods or weird-tasting food substitutes. You eat normal food that you can buy in any grocery store.

The exercise plan only requires 20 minutes of working out three or four times a week. Everyone has time for that! It’s an intense workout that gets your metabolism running at top speed. You also get the Midsection Miracle Workout. As its name implies, this is a simple two-step routine that will tighten your abs better than the long, agonizing routines you may have suffered through in other workout plans.

How Can I Get It?

The best part about the 3 Week Diet is you can buy it online and download it immediately. The cost is $47.00 and you get four products.

The “Introduction Manual” explains the science behind the plan and behind the recommended supplements. These supplements are optional. They can give you a boost but you’ll get results even if you opt not to use them. The “Diet Manual” will help you put together a personalized eating plan.

The “Workout Manual” provides the short workouts I talked about and a complete workout for those who enjoy exercising. The “Mindset and Motivation Manual” will help you change the thinking that keeps you fat.

The 3 Week Diet comes with a money-back guarantee. You can try it for 60 days and if it doesn’t work, you’ll get a full refund.

I’m glad I got over my doubts and tried this plan. I was an over-40 couch potato who looked and felt terrible. Now I’m still over 40 but I look and feel a thousand times better. This is my last diet. It can be your last diet too.

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