The 3 Week Diet and Exercise Program

Weight loss and management have always been a source of concern for many. Thankfully, the 3-week diet and exercise program offers such individuals an opportunity to solve their weight-related problems. The basics of a good 3-week diet and exercise program are training with lightweight dumbbells, doing a high number of reps four days a week and eating a high protein low-calorie diet.

This plan is very effective for losing weight and building muscles within 3-weeks. Another reason why this program is awesome is that it understands that different people have different weight loss target areas and goals, which is why the program is designed to take care of these varying needs.


For individuals who wish to lose body fat, training with lightweights is one of the best ways to achieve this. Doing between fifteen and twenty reps per set is a good start and will also build muscle at the same time.


Doing some cardio after workouts is also a good way to ensure weight loss. About fifteen to twenty minutes is a good amount of time to do cardio. Most people choose walking, jogging or running as their cardio option. Cardio workout is a crucial part of the 3 week diet and exercise program.


Protein is an extremely important part of this program. This is because it repairs muscles and this is excellent for a person who is training with lightweights and doing a high number of reps, which this program entails.

Ideally, you should consume one gram of protein per pound of body weight. This means that if you weigh one hundred pounds, you should consume one hundred grams of protein every single day. Consuming a high amount of protein on a daily basis for 3 weeks will help burn fat rapidly as well as help build some solid muscle.


Everyone has different weight loss targets. While some want to lose body fat, others are just concerned with losing fat or building muscles in specific areas of the body. This is why the 3 weeks diet and exercise program is excellent for any weight loss or bodybuilding goal.
For biceps, you should start with barbell curls. For triceps: tricep presses. For the back, you can start with deadlifts. For shoulders, you should definitely start with barbell shoulder presses and for legs, start with squats.


To aid and quicken the results of the 3 week diet and exercise program, you should consume low amount of calories on a daily basis. For men, the appropriate amount of calories to be consumed per day is 2,000, while for women, it ranges from 1,200 to 1,500 per day.
This means that meals to be consumed must be low in fat, moderate in carbs as well as high in fiber. If you are strict with this routine, you are sure to get quicker results.

In summary, if you wish to lose weight quickly and build the desired muscles, then follow the advice listed throughout this article. If you take these tips seriously, you can achieve your desired body shape within six weeks!

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