Figuring Out The Right Diet For You

Some people struggle with dieting their whole adult life. Some people even begin when they are in their teenage years. Dieting is very difficult if your body and metabolism are slow and do not function as they should. Dieting is something you should do with a doctor’s approval. The 3 week diet is a good start on your new life eating program. Dieting should be a change in the way you plan to eat for the rest of your life, not just a drastic reduction in calories or other ingredients.

A great diet consists of healthy alternatives to the junk foods you were previously putting in your body. Healthy foods consist of things like whole grain bread, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. These are consumed in a limited capacity so that your body gets just enough of each vitamin it needs to work properly. No two people have the same needs or capacity to burn the foods they eat. The best way to find out what you need is to talk to the doctor first. He or she may be able to recommend a diet plan that you can live with for a lifetime.

Figuring Out The Right Diet For You

Dieting can put your body at risk so make sure you eat a balance of the food groups. Start off your morning with a good breakfast. Below is an example of a diet you can follow for 3 weeks.

Breakfast: one boiled egg, one slice of whole grain toast, and 4 ounces of orange juice. Lunch: One 4 ounce chicken breast baked on a bed of lettuce and cucumbers. Add some one-fourth cup of cheese and any other raw vegetables you may like. Dinner: Baked spaghetti made with wheat noodles, ground turkey, white cheese, and tomato chunks. Add a side of salad and one slice of french bread.

Snacks: You may have two snacks of fresh fruit or raw vegetables with 4 ounces of milk.

Make sure to follow the 3 week diet to the letter for optimal weight loss and good health. Add in six glasses of water and atleast 30 minutes of exercise each day. Start your day with a good thought and praise yourself for your efforts.


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